My name is Matt Theriault, I started cruising back in 2004.  My first cruise was on the Caribbean Princess and I have been hooked ever since.  To date, I have sailed 49 times, most recently on the Majesty of the Seas.  Cruising is my true passion in life.  When I cannot be on board a cruise ship, you can most likely find me talking about them or planning my next cruise vacation.

I created the Cruise Life Group on Facebook back in 2015 as I continued to look for a space to discuss cruising across multiple lines.  Many of the existing groups were formed around sailing a single line and it was not an open forum to discuss others, as not being “loyal” was often frowned upon.  The group has flourished into so much more than I ever imagined.  If you enjoy “talking ship” and want to join us please be sure to check out CruiseLifeGroup.com.

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In addition to running the group I have written a few blog posts and reviews and have had them posted as “guest” posts on other sites.  CruiseLifeMatt.com was created to be able to share all my content through my own channel.

I truly hope you enjoy coming along on my cruise adventures and using my content to enhance your own cruise vacations.