What I love to do in Nassau – Part Deux!

Last year I wrote a blog post giving 5 reasons to get off the ship in Nassau.  Since then, my views on the island haven’t changed, but my previous list has become a little obsolete and I have a couple new venues to add to the list.  I have now been to the island 20 times and I still enjoy myself each visit!  So even if you have been there a few times before, I’m certain you can find something fun and inexpensive to do.  These are my go-tos when visiting Nassau!

Junkanoo Beach

I don’t think this beach will ever leave my list.  It is a free beach that is located about ¾ of a mile from the cruise terminal in Nassau.  Making it very easy and convenient to get to.  You can simply follow Woodes Rodgers Walk towards Senor Frogs and continue to follow  as the road bends left and then right.  The beach has public restrooms and is home to a number of vendors offering food and drinks.  It isn’t the most pristine beach I have been to, but it does make for some great photo opportunities of any ships docked in port that day.  If you are headed here you’ll want to check out my video walking tour I did from the cruise terminal.

British Colonial Hilton

Also finding its way back onto my list is the BCH.  You can find the property located just before Junkanoo Beach (Around the bend from Senor Frogs).  Day passes will now run you $79 per person (this is up from $60 per person previously).  This allows you access to their private beach and pool.  In addition, you will receive a $40 per person food and beverage credit for each paid admission.  While the upfront cost is one of the more expensive options on my list, once you factor in the food and beverage credit it isn’t so bad.  One thing to keep in mind when booking the BCH is that it tends to be a quiet atmosphere.  If you are looking for a place to relax it’s a great choice.  If you are looking to party there are other options!

Pirate Republic Brewing Co.

Pirate Republic was also on my previous list, however since that was written I have been back a number of times.  They are located almost directly across the street from the cruise terminal and is definitely my go to if I only want to get off the ship for a short amount of time.  They offer a number of craft beers, some regulars and others that rotate in and out of the lineup.  They also offer food, which I have not personally tried, but everything I have seen has looked very appetizing.  Maybe I will have to cross that off my list on my next visit!

Lukka Kairi

Lukka Kairi is a restaurant and bar also across the street from the cruise terminal, just a little further down as you head towards Senor Frogs.  They opened back in 2015 and I finally had a chance to check them out this past February.  There is one simple reason they are making my list, their long island iced teas.  By far the best I have ever had!  You could tell it was made with fresh ingredients and didn’t have the get past the first few sips bad taste of many LIITs.  There is also one other great thing about Lukka Kairi, their second story location.  The views of the cruise terminal and harbor are awesome.  This is great option to grab a drink or bite to eat before or after an excursion.

Ardastra Gardens

On my most recent visit to the island I was tasked with finding something my four year old daughter would enjoy as we were going on a daddy/daughter cruise.  After getting some recommendations from cruise friends I decided on Ardastra Gardens.  AG is a zoo and conservation center, they have a number of animal exhibits including their ever so famous flamingos.  The beautiful gardens and animals make for some great photo opportunities.  Our visit was a little rushed as the heat and humidity was quite oppressive that day, but I would certainly head back again when visiting with some cooler weather.  Admission is $18 for adults, $9 for children 4-12, with children 3 and under being free.  Located about a mile from the cruise terminal it can certainly be reached by foot, but with a little one in tow I opted for the $12 taxi ride.

Senor Frogs

My list would be incomplete without this establishment.  It was on my previous list and I just couldn’t see taking it off.  As I mentioned in my earlier edition, it’s the “touristy” place to go, but I have fun every time I step in the place.  My most recent trip with my daughter was one of the only times I did not visit.  I will most certainly be back on my next visit in November.  As their Instagram account would say, it’s “the perfect atmosphere”.

I hope my updated list of things to do in Nassau will not only get you off of the ship when you visit, but I hope that it will help you have a fun and positive experience. If you have any questions about the places I included on my list please reach out to me, either through my contact page above or through any of my social media channels.  If you enjoyed following along and wish to get email notification of future blog posts, please subscribe in the box to the right.

Do you have any places I missed that you would include on your own list?  Please share if you do!

Oh! And one last thing, because I know a few people who are going to ask why it’s not included on my list.  I have not been to the Fish Fry! I promise I will get there one of these days!