My Favorite Cruise Line!

I get asked what my favorite cruise line is more often than I’d like to admit.  It’s also a hard question to answer.  There are so many things to love about all the lines I’ve sailed on, as well as so many things to loathe. Let’s touch on a few of the lines I’ve sailed the most, and only those that I’ve sailed in the last five years.  I don’t think its fair to judge a cruise line that I haven’t experienced their product in over a decade. I’m going to keep this blog post simple.  One thing I love, and one thing I hate.

Carnival Cruise Line

Love – Nightlife and club scene.  Hands down the front runner in this area.  Sipping drinks and making friends at the Alchemy Bar while you wait for the club to get happening.  Oh it will get happening too, you don’t run the risk of a lame night club.

Hate – 15 drink per day limit on the cheers package.  I have no issue with cutting the package off at 15 but let me buy more drinks if I want to!

Royal Caribbean

Love – Ultimate dining plan is very convenient to dine as much as you want in specialty restaurants and usually priced reasonably.  Pro tip, be sure to use it for an afternoon snack at Playmakers.

Hate – Drink package prices.  They have gotten out of control.  I also can’t stand the fact that they flex the pricing depending on supply and demand.  With some sailings showing over $80 per person per day for the deluxe beverage package, it starts to make less sense for the average drinker.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Love – Never having to worry about buying a drink package.  Sure, its baked into the cost of the cruise, but sometimes it just makes it feel like a better deal.  I guess that’s marketing 101?

Hate – Just allow drones to be brought onboard already.  I’m able to bring them onboard other lines, stop passing up on the free content.

Disney Cruise Line

Love – Fireworks as sea is still one of my favorite cruising moments.  Unforgettable!

Hate – The price point just doesn’t seem worth it to me.  Fireworks and characters were really the only two places I felt they had a step above the rest.

Celebrity Cruises

Love – The food is phenomenal.  When the main dining room has you raving about the food, you know they are doing it right. Le Petit Chef is not to be missed.

Hate – Nightlife, or lack there of.  Even on a five night sailing there were very few people in the club each night.

With all that said, do you have any guesses as what my favorite is?  You had to know this was coming.  I don’t have a favorite! I sail multiple lines because they all offer products I love.  At the end of the day, I’d be happy to sail any of the lines I’ve mentioned above.  While they each do some things better than the others, the general experience is very similar.

Do you have a favorite?  Or do you enjoy sailing multiple lines like me?

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Cruise Life Matt

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Cruising With JT

Great post, Matt! Love the 1 pro and 1 con from each. My personal favorite is Royal Caribbean. I feel like they offer the best cruising value and have the most to offer and variety on their ships, so I love them the most. I guess you can say I am “Loyal to Royal” with Norwegian a close 2nd! I love Norwegian for the same reasons you mentioned!


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